How to Get Here

Playa del Carmen Restaurant

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Playa del Carmen is 30 minutes south of the Cancún International Airport and 40 minutes from the Cancún hotel zone.

Located in the Central Time Zone, Cancún is easily accessed from many international airports.

From Cancún International Airport:
Exit the airport and turn right/south onto Carretera Federal 307 towards Tulum.

Travel approximately 30 minutes and Playa del Carmen will be on your left.

From Cancún hotel zone:
Travel westbound on Avenida Kukulkan towards Carretera Federal 307.
Turn left/south onto Carretera Federal 307
Travel approximately 30 minutes and Playa del Carmen will be on your left.

A company called ADO provides bus service from the airport to Playa del Carmen, with services every hour. Its station is located in the southeast corner of the main terminal. If you arrive at the terminal of charters is necessary to take the free shuttle service (one going "ASUR") towards the main terminal.

Around the area there are taxis available although they are expensive. There are also frequent service buses along federal highway 307. Several companies operate ferry service between Cancun and Tulum with stops at various points in the path. Prices are accessible, although the service is irregular.

Flight times to Cancun International Airport, not including stops:

			Amsterdam – 9hrs 58mins
			Atlanta – 1hr 55mins
			Buenos Aires – 8hrs 20mins
			Chicago – 2hrs 59mins
			Charlotte – 2hrs 13mins
			Dallas – 2hrs 12mins
			Denver – 3hrs 24mins
			Frankfurt – 10hrs 21mins
			Houston – 1hr 47mins
			London – 9hrs 35mins
			Los Angeles – 4hrs 15mins
			Madrid – 9hrs 35mins
			Mexico City – 1hr 45mins
			Miami – 1hr 15mins
			Montreal – 3hrs 44mins
			New York – 3hrs 12mins
			Panama City, Panama – 2hrs 4mins
			Paris – 9hrs 53mins
			Phoenix – 3hrs 34mins
			Rio de Janeiro – 8hrs 13mins
			Rome – 11hrs 1min
			Santiago, Chile – 7hrs 38mins
			Toronto – 3hrs 18mins
			Vancouver – 5hrs 30mins